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  1. Direct interaction with your target market. The best sales made are those with a customer that can touch, feel, smell, taste, and see what you bring to the table, making an impression that will close the deal. Gaining several opportunities in one bride-packed day makes perfect sense to build your client base quickly.
  2. Cost effective marketing. Your target market is brought to one place in one day, creating a highly effective, unmatched marketing opportunity. Your target market in one place means concentrated sales efforts to the audience you are seeking and for a greatly reduced cost compared to other marketing methods.
  3. Industry Leadership. Branding, continuous visibility in the marketplace, and a finger on the pulse of what their target market is actually looking for is extremely important to the success of a business in this industry.
  4. Diversity. Every bride is at our show! Maui is known for its diverse population, and with changing trends in the industry, brides are looking for weddings that are unique and vendors that can offer cultural traditions and out-of-the box experiences. Locals and destination couples equally appreciate the Maui Wedding Expo for its presentation of a wide array of products and services directly related to what they are looking for.
  5. The Bottom Line. Bridal shows are extremely appealing not only to businesses, but also to brides! We are the only show on Maui that has created and established the "Couture" wedding fashion show, bringing our Maui Wedding Expo to the next level of elegance. Where else can a bride find so many professionals in one place? For the bride, this is an opportunity to get their planning jump started and plan their wedding in just one day! The majority of brides who attend these shows end their search for more than four services or products that they have headed to the bridal show to seek. Every bride has their "shopping list" of needed products and services upon their arrival. On average four of those line items are "checked off" as they leave our show. With a space full of qualified professionals, and an array of those professionals that meet their specific needs both by cost and offering, you can see how a bride would find a bridal show very appealing for their planning needs. Today's brides are smart and savvy and understand their need to compare services. They are also very busy with their careers and everyday lives, making comparison shopping a daunting task without attending our show.

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