1) An Interactive and eye-catching booth will capture the attention of the passing bride. Make a great first impression by taking the time to uniquely decorate your both. You have about 5 seconds to engage the passerby before they move onto the next booth. Providing them incentives for utilizing your services and showing them that you can deliver what they need is how you will get their attention.

2) Be courteous, friendly and knowledgeable about the products/services you are selling.

3) Use your social media sites to let your network know that you will be at the Wedding Expo this Saturday, and invite them to visit with you in person at the Expo.

4) Offer a giveaway with no strings attached. Maybe offer a promotional swag gift to the first 100 brides who come by. Please also bring a prize to donate to the door prizes drawings that we will have throughout the day, this will also get your company more on-stage mentions as we talk about the prizes and who donated them.

5) Make notes about the people with whom your speak. For example, if you tell a bride you are going to email some samples of your work, be sure to take note of that and then do it within 48 house for the expo's completion.

6) You will receive a list of the attendees approximately 5 days after the show. Follow up with them and think of unique ways to keep your name in front of them. For example, if you send out a newsletter or blog posts, add them to your email list. It is always a good idea to also follow up with vendors. Vendors who know you might refer you to other brides.

7) Bring your booking calendar and know your available dates. Be ready to contract people. Bring your contracts for people to fill out. Be prepared to take deposits (By check or using your Square card reader on your I-Phone).

8) Build relationships with over vendors at the show, connect with other vendors before and after the show. If you have 2 or more people working your booth take turns visiting the other booths. Email, Phone, and/or Send a Gift. Don't just swap business cards with vendors and then never hear from them again. This is a lost opportunity. Be sure to collect business cards and lead information. Then, be sure to reach out to those contacts within 1-5 business days after the event. The sooner, the better because you will still be fresh in the contact's mind.

9) Be a good neighbor. Work cooperatively with exhibitors around you. Be positive at all times.

10) Consider placing your table to the side or the rear to make your booth more engaging and approachable.

11) Do nor clutter the booth. People are more comfortable in an open atmosphere.

12) Utilize your logo and logo colors in your booth.

13) Consider providing a coupon or advertising piece for brides to put in their bag. Couples appreciate show specials and discounts.

14) Food and beverage will be available for purchase during the expo however, you are welcome to bring a small ice chest for your water and/or snacks, best to be kept out of sight of the brides under your table.

15) Bring a lot of promotional printed material, like business cards, brochures, postcards etc.

16) Come prepared. Bring a handcart or pushcart to carrying items to and from your car and the booth. Bring your own extension cord and power strip – it will need to stretch from the center of the booth block to your booth. You should also bring everything you need to setup your booth and supplies like tape, scissors, zip-ties, pens, paper, stapler etc.

17) Dress professional and wear comfortable shoes.

18) Ideas for booth giveaways: Writing pens, calendars or date booth, note pads, hand sanitizer, candy with logo on wrapper or tie, samples of your work i.e. CD (for musicians) or a cooker (bakers) in a wrapper.

19) The Do's and Don'ts of Running a Wedding Expo Booth:

  • Do smile and have fun.
  • Do greet everyone in friendly manner.
  • Do give a discount for anyone booking or purchasing at the show.
  • Do not let everyone working the booth sit down at the same time.
  • Do take breaks one worker at time.
  • Do not leave the show early.
  • Do not speak negatively of the competition.
  • Do praise your own work.